Valley Forge Signal Seekers
    flying in beautiful Valley Forge National Historical Park
AMA Club # 575
Learning to fly a radio-controlled model aircraft is not difficult but it does take training and practice.  Our volunteer instructors are ready to help you select your first trainer and electronic equipment.  The use of buddy boxes will help reduce the number of accidents that happen during your training period.  We have buddy boxes for Futaba and Spektrum/JR radios.

New pilots often make the mistake of coming to our field with an airplane that is not suitable for training. PLEASE do not purchase your equipment before you have spoken with one of the instructors. Training availability is not guaranteed. You must apply and be accepted into the Training Program. 

A good place for you to start is to visit the AMA Flight School then fill out the form below for additional guidance. 

Training on a buddy box
Download your VFSS Student Training Guide: When you request training by one of our instructors you agree that, while he will do his best to avoid damaging your aircraft during your learning experience, circumstances may occur whereby he will not be able to prevent a crash and subsequent damage.  Under no circumstance will he be responsible for repair or replacement costs of your aircraft.


Training Request Form

Please complete this form and one of our instructors will contact you. VFSS does not guarantee the availability of training.
NOTE: There is no charge for training but Membership in VFSS & the AMA are required prior to starting your training.

​Although RC modeling can be enjoyed all year long, the majority of pilots wind down their activities going into fall.

​ Our training program is handled on the basis of availability of instructors and proper training cannot take place if you start too late in our season. As such, we don't accept membership applications for novice pilots after September 1st. It would be a disservice to accept full year payment for a partial year membership that the new member would ultimately get no use out of due to the restrictions on inexperienced pilots. If it is after September 1st, please consider applying in January for the next year's membership.

In the meantime please visit us at our flying site in Valley Forge Park and get to know us

​We receive many inquires about flying multi-rotor RC's commonly referred to as "drones"

​​Although our only Park restriction is no FPV flying, many of our members do fly multi-rotors in addition to airplanes, within line of sight.

​ However, VFSS does not specialize in or offer drone flight training. Any new member wanting to fly at VFSS must complete their training in fixed wing RC aircraft and then transition to multi-rotor if they wish to fly drones.

We do not recommend joining VFSS if your only desire is to fly multi-rotor RC.​​